MECEP and STA-21

Once admitted to Norwich University you may be eligible for a scholarship covering your tuition. As a Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP) or Seaman to Admirial-21 (STA-21) student enrolled at Norwich University, you will complete academic and professional requirements as required per the program to obtain your degree.

Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above and maintain fulltime student status, to include summer school.

As a MECEP or STA-21 student you will be a positive role model representative of naval service to the Corps of Cadets and student body as a Marine or Sailor but you will not be part of the Corps of Cadets.

As a recent graduate of Office Candidates School (for Marines) you will:

  • Be able to assist the staff and provide valuable insight to perspective candidates within the Naval Battalion.
  • Participate and support NROTC Battalion military laboratory, practical exercises, and unit sponsored events.
  • Provide valuable military insight, council, and advice through the use of your previously attained military skills.
  • Participate and assist in the Battalions PT Program.
  • Assist the NROTC staff to accomplish all NROTC mission essential tasks.
  • Enjoy endless amounts of recreational activities during your off time in your path to becoming an officer.

Contact a staff member before applying with Undergraduate Admissions.

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