Army Military Science


Military Science Level 1 (MSI)

MSI pic 1

As an MSI cadets will:

  • Basics of patrolling, land navigation, basic rifle marksmanship
  • Initial leadership training

Military Science Level 2 (MSII)

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As an MSII cadets will:

  • Continue to build upon the basics of patrolling, land navigation, basic rifle marksmanship
  • Initial leadership training: in a team leader positions

Military Science Level 3 (MSIII)

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As an MSIII cadets will:

  • Prepare for Warrior Forge (Leader Development Assessment Course)
  • Leadership development as a squad leader, platoon leader, assistant platoon leader, first sergeant, company commander, company executive officer

Military Science Level 4 (MSIV)

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As an MSIV cadets will:

  • Focus on officer development
  • Teaching, coaching/ mentoring the other MS level cadets
  • Commission


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